Backing Up/ Restoring Your Cell Phone Contacs on Android Mobiles


How can we Back up our android phone contacs through Gmail, book up android phone contacs, restore to the mobile and restore the phone contacs in android? Backing up android phone contacs and the restoring program, transmission of backing up phone contacs, backing up and restoring in Samsung android, Htc, Lg, Sonny, Huawei and Discovery Samsung. Backing up and restoring the phone contacs in android mobiles.

In android mobiles, it is very easy to back up and restore the phone contacs. Even though it has tiny differences among the android versions, it is similar in general outlines. The following telephone guide is defined according to android Ics devices.


Backing up the telephone book to external Sd card

  1. Enter to cell phone contacs while your mobile is at the main screen.
  2. Touch to the options at the left buttom corner while your phone contacs is open and you will face with the following screens.
  3. From this screen enter to the import/export option.
  4. When you enter import/export, you willcome up with such an imagery.
  5. import-export-android
  6. Select remove Sd card. You will see a confirm screen and when you confirm it your phone contacs will be removed to your external Sd card

Restoring the android mobile phone contacs.

In order to install your phone contacs, implement the firs, second and third of the options above. While you are implementing the third option, you need to choose the part of ‘ get it from my Sd card’. After selecting this, you will be asked to choose the part of phone contacs you want to back up. Here, you will see your ‘mobile’ and ‘Google’ account. When you choose ‘mobile’ your phone contacs will be installed to your mobile.

Settings of backing up your phone contacs through Gmail in android mobiles.


If your phone contacs is full of same lists in android devices; syncronise your phone contacs to your Gmail account which is defined to your android device.After syncronising your phone contacs, login to your Gmail account from your computerand follow the following steps:

If you have never syncronised your phone contacs to your gmail account before

  1. Be sure that your mobile has an internet connection.
  2. Select your Gmail address from Menu/ Settings/ Accounts/ Syncronisation.If you o not have an address, you can take a new one and add it from that menu.
  3. After selecting your gmail address from the menu mentioned above, be sure to select the ‘persons’in the syncronisation part. If this process is done before; directly login to your gmail from your computer.
  4. After logging into your gmail account, come to the ‘guide’ part and do the following processes and than syncronise your phone contacs from your android device.


Click to the arrow sign of the place where is written MAIL and now you can enter to your phone contacs.

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