Gmail Password Recovery – Forgot Gmail Password?


How to Recover Gmail Password? Get My Gmail Password, I Forgot My Gmail Password, I Forgot My Gmail Password no Secondary E-mail – no Phone …. Immediately save your Gmail account.

People always forget the password. But it’s easy to save the password. You just read our article carefully and apply the following steps. There are seweral ways of saving your gmail password.  Just read the method that ismostly appropriate for you and apply it. There are a few ways to save you forgot your Gmail password. This is the best method for the verification by SMS and  with a secondary e-mail confirmation.  



1-Firstly, click ‘here’ and go to ‘open gmail’ page.

Click gmail sign in

Or you can continue by clicking on this link.


2-Then, click on the ‘Need Help?’ line.
3-In that page you will see three items. ( password, user name and other problems)

4-If you forget your password write your e-mail adres which you use when you open your gmail account and click to ‘continue’.

5-Than you will see ‘I don’t know’ click on it.

6-In that page you can ask for a text message or an outomated phone call to your telephone number that you use when you open your gmail. Or you can click to ‘ I cannot acess my phone’


7-If you choose ‘ I cannot acess my phone’ You click to ‘continue’

8-Finally, you click to the link that you receive and reset your password.

If you forget your user name or ıf you have any other problems please go to :




Download the program from page by clicking on the link below. With this program you can bring back forgotten password.



You can also watch the video below.

We hope that this article Works with you. Watch the video above, you must make the correct steps carefully. If you can write in the comments section below If you can not get your Gmail password. Help is good 🙂

If you have questions following our comments section.

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